I’m from Berkeley, CA, and currently live in Oakland, CA. I’ve also spent significant time in Portland, Washington DC, and New York City.

I love to spend time outdoors rock climbing, playing soccer, and riding bikes. I’m also a musician and a pretty competitive Scrabble opponent.

I consider myself a leftist and am passionate about social and economic justice issues. I have spent the majority of my professional career working to help citizens understand their government, make government contracting less corrupt, and help government better deliver vital services to the people. (However, I’ve become more dubious of technological change without an accompanying political framework.)

You’re welcome to contact me via email. If your message is sensitive, you can encrypt it using my public key, available on my Keybase profile.

You can also follow me on Twitter, but fair warning, if you’re looking for insightful content related to my profession, you’re going to come up empty-handed.